– Meeting before the wedding
– Photography coverage 6 hours
– Finalised photos at least 200 pcs
– Password protected gallery for sharing and downloading
870 €


– Meeting before the wedding
– Photography coverage 8 hours
– Finalised photos at least 300 pcs
– Password protected gallery for sharing and downloading
1160 €


– Meeting before the wedding
– Photography coverage 12 hours
– Finalised photos at least 400 pcs
– Password protected gallery for sharing and downloading
1740 €

Unforgettable experience

So that your wedding photography experience would be as wonderful and easy as it could be are all the wedding packages on this site under all inclusive pricing. This means that you don’t have to go through any tedious selection process or to wonder if group photos or first look session is included in the packages etc. I don’t want to make you choose between your favourite photos because you can have it all. I will pick and edit a large selection of the best ones so your ultimate favourites will definitely be amongst them. I have given an minimum amount of files I will deliver per package but I tend to usually over deliver. All photos will be individually picked and edited for the best results.

All the prices include the VAT 24% and photographers travel fees in Helsinki area

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?

You can contact me via the contact form found on my site or through e-mail that you can find on the footer of the site or at the contact section. I wish to hear your ideas about your big day, when and where it is going to happen and what kind of wedding package you are interested in. After we have gone through the basic ideas and info I’ll send you a contract and an invoice to pay the 200€ reservation fee to secure your chosen date for you. Paying the fee you also agree and understand the terms of the contract given. The reservation fee is subtracted from the final invoice I’ll send you with the finishes gallery. Reservation fee will not be refunded if you cancel your reservation.

Will we meet before the wedding?

All my wedding packages include a meeting before the wedding with the couple. This is a good chance to get to know each other a little bit and talk about your ideas, schedules and dreams about what kind of photos you wish to have of your important day. I usually meet couples approximately 3-2 months before, but if you wish to we can also meet sooner or closer to the wedding day.

How may I use my photos?

You can use your photos freely on private use in what ever projects and products you wish. You can make prints, mugs, canvases etc. and share them in social media if you so want to. I will reserve my right to use the photos taken to portray and advertise my services through my portfolio and other medias as well as to participate in photography/art contests.

How will I pay?

After the first invoice for the reservation fee I will send you the final invoice when I’ll send you the finalised gallery. The final invoice will have the reservation fee subtracted from it. You can also pay all beforehand if you want to.

How will the photographer get to the wedding location?

I use public transportation, but I’m free to discuss other means of transportation.

How will you pick and edit the photos?

I will make a compilation of your day and pick the best shots that combine technical and/or artistic value in themselves. Feelings and emotions are the leading force in the process. I will pick a wide variety of shots to tell the story of your big day the best way possible. All photos will be individually edited and checked by their exposure, framing and colours to achieve the best possible result. I will also hear the couples wishes about the editing process.

How long does it take to get the finalised photos?

Photos will be delivered approximately 3-4 weeks counting from the wedding depending on the season at hand. Photos will be delivered as high resolution jpg files through elegant password protected webgallery that is free to share with all family and other guests.

Will the photographer eat at the wedding?

Especially on longer days it is a good thing to have small break in between to keep the energy levels up. Good time for this is usually during the dinner when people are busy enjoying the feast and peacefully seated on the tables. I’m delighted if you have something for me, but it is in no way mandatory. I follow a vegan diet, but I can also have my own meals packed with me. Just tell me beforehand so that I’ll know how to get ready.

What if the photographers gear breaks?

No worries! I always carry two cameras with me at all times, so if there would me an accident or malfunction I’ll always have a spare close by and continue as nothing happened. During the day I’ll also save the photos on multiple memory cards to keep the valuable moments captured safe. Preparation and planning are the best way to make great photos.